An intimate coming of age character study of Frisbee golf legend Fletcher Ferguson, as he embarks on an epic journey to make his mark in the world, and learn what it means to be a man... in under a minute and a half. Fletch: Zach Sanchez Girl: Britt Harris Thug: Ray Callaway Voice Over: Guy Harris Frisbee Golfer 1: Matt Hogan Frisbee Player 2: Clint Blackburn Director: Zen Freese DP: Aaron Almquist Editor: Matt Hogan Art Director: Ashlee Branham Colorist: Martin Malnick Animator: Josh Persson 1st AD: Ray Callaway Grip: Clint Blackburn Sound Designer: Ray Callaway Password is: zfcreative

One Man Two Frisbees
Password is yourock

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